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You deserve someone who will fight for you. You deserve a Class Action Lawyer like the Law Office of Marc Boutwell. We have been involved in class action mass tort for over 23 years, and we know how to get the results you need. Our office has successfully litigated class cases and mass torts against some of the biggest names in business. 

The Law office of marc boutwell

When it comes to fighting for your rights,
we don't back down.

     We have spearheaded successful cases against insurance companies, mortgage lenders, credit card companies, corporate polluters of rivers, streams, and properties, and medical device and drug manufacturers.

What Exactly is a Class Action Lawsuit?

When a group of people who have been injured in similar manners file lawsuits against one manufacturer, this is known as an “class action lawsuit.” You may also hear these types often referred to by their more generic names: mass tort litigation or multidistrict litigations

A single claim filed on behalf of all members can result from any number of factors including product liability and wrongful death claims made upon companies manufacturing products that were harmful for consumers.