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The Law Office of Marc Boutwell, insurance attorney in Mississippi, is here to help.

Everything from car insurance claims to insurance disputes falls under the umbrella of insurance law. For a claim or dispute that can be handled by an insurance company, working with a third-party insurance lawyer is your best bet. Rather than tackling insurance cases on his own, insurance attorney Marc Boutwell works with insurance companies to help ensure their clients’ best interests are the top priority.

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Our office has represented dozens of policyholders in cases where insurance companies have failed to pay claims of injury or property damage. If you or someone you know has had your claim for insurance benefits denied or delayed please contact our office to examine your rights under that policy.

Attention to Fine Print

If you have insurance, you have most likely read the fine print of your insurance policy. It is written in very technical language and can sometimes be confusing. Do you know what it says? What happens if someone else is responsible for damages to your property or injury to you or a family member? Who will pay these expenses if the insurance company does not?

Duty To Defend

In the insurance world, insurance companies only have to do what is called a “duty to defend.” This means that even if your insurance company believes someone else caused your injury or damage to your property, they still must provide you with defense and coverage until they know for certain that the third party did indeed cause the accident.

Experienced Attorney

It’s not uncommon for insurance claims to go to court, but insurance attorney Marc Boutwell is here to guide you through the legal process and make sure no detail goes without due consideration. You deserve someone who will fight for you. You deserve an experienced professional insurance attorney like Boutwell. He has been involved in complicated bad faith insurance lawsuits for over 25 years, and knows how to get the results you need.

Call insurance attorney Marc Boutwell today at (662) 638-3390 to schedule a free consultation or request an appointment here for more information on insurance claims and disputes.