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The Role of Mediators

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution to help people settle disputes. In mediation, no one tells you how to settle a dispute. Instead it is up to you and the other party to find a way to come to an agreement. You do not have to be sworn in, documents do not have to be shared and you can choose what information you bring to the table. Mediators / Mediation Lawyer take an unbiased stance on the issue and the outcome does not affect them making them neutral facilitators in the case.

What are Mediation Services?

A Mediation Lawyer as defined by FindLaw is “a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement. It may be an informal meeting among the parties or a scheduled settlement conference. The dispute may either be pending in a court or potentially a dispute which may be filed in court. Cases suitable for mediation are disputes in commercial transactions, personal injury, construction, workers compensation, labor or community relations, divorce, domestic relations, employment or any other matters which do not involve complex procedural or evidentiary issues. Attendance at the mediation conference is voluntary by the parties, except where governed by statute or contract clause.” 

A mediator is “a person with patience, persistence and common sense. She/he has an arsenal of negotiation techniques, human dynamics skills and powers of effective listening, articulation and restatement. The mediator is a facilitator who has no power to render a resolution to the conflict.”

Who would need Mediation Law Services?

mediation lawyer

It is proven that mediation works; making it a great alternative dispute resolution to use in order to settle a dispute. 

If you are looking for another way to settle a disagreement with someone, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution in which you can settle cases. Since mediators have an unbiased stance on the disagreement, their only interest is to help both parties come to an agreement that is inclined to both their concerns and interests. Below are reasons why mediation may be the better option to settle your disagreement than hiring a trial lawyer and going to court: 

  • Affordable and Effective
  • Less Complicated/Avoids Litigation
  • Can Result in a More Agreeable Solution Than Resolutions Imposed by a Judge or Jury
  • Improves Communication and Cooperation
  • Fair and Impartial

Boutwell Mediation Experience

At the Law Office of Marc Boutwell, we offer mediation services to clients. This is one of our more affordable ways to settle disagreements between clients. The Law Office of Marc Boutwell is an unbiased, impartial party for mediation meetings. Our lawyers are trained professionals in mediation and understand the best ways to get a positive outcome from mediation. We have had several positive outcomes in mediation and want to help you get the same out of your settlements. Contact Us today to learn more about our what we offer in mediation and if it is the best choice for you to settle a dispute. 


mediation lawyer