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Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me - 7 Things To Look For

When you’ve been injured, the last thing on your mind is finding a personal injury lawyer near me. But in order to get the compensation and justice you deserve, it’s very important. With so many personal injury lawyers out there, who do you go with?

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What can you look for when choosing one?

To establish trust with an attorney, to be able to work together effectively to get you what you need, there are seven things that are extremely important when choosing a personal injury lawyer near me. 

The first three are about their abilities/skill set; knowledge of personal injury law, medical knowledge and understanding of the case process involved with personal injuries. The next two deal more closely with how they approach personal injury cases; personal dedication to each case and fee structure.The final two are about how they interact with their clients – the honesty of the personal injury lawyer near me and their level of communication.

Knowledge Of The Law, Specifically Of Their Specialty

First, look at the personal injury attorney’s knowledge of personal injury law, medical concepts and case process. It is important that they understand what you are going through (both physically and financially) when you’ve been injured in an accident. They need to know not just what your injuries may be but also how these injuries will affect you long term. This is why it’s important for them to have a strong personal understanding of medicine – diseases, medication interactions, how personal injuries affect you, etc. These personal injury lawyers near me should be able to answer any personal questions that you have regarding the personal injury case. The personal injury attorney should also know how personal injuries are handled legally and what it means for a settlement offer – do they negotiate or take their cases to court? Do they try mediation first?

Understanding Of Medical Concepts

Medical knowledge is important for personal injury attorneys, because they may need to question people about their injuries and the evidence of those ailments. They should at least be familiar with jargon related to medical practices. They may not be qualified and able to give you proper medical advice, but they can inform you about things like an injury’s prognosis or diagnostic criteria for example; which could save time down the line when it comes up in court proceedings against someone who wronged us!

Experience Handling Personal Injury Cases

The third thing is checking out the personal injury lawyer’s experience with personal injury cases. If your personal injury lawyer near me has handled personal injuries before, that’s a great start. However, personal injuries themselves can be very complicated and each personal injury case is unique in its own way. Your personal injury attorney should have the trial and negotiation skills necessary to handle your case effectively.

Strong Trial And Negotiation Skills

Check out how strong their trial and negotiation skills are. Again, personal injury cases can be complicated – some have a higher risk of going to court than others. In those cases, it’s imperative that your personal injury lawyer near me is capable of standing up for you in front of a judge or jury by presenting your case as strongly as possible. While personal interactions with this personal injury attorney will help you determine their trial skills more accurately – i.e. If they’re good at talking with people on a personal level, they’ll probably be good at talking before a judge or jury too – make sure you ask them beforehand about personal injury cases they’ve been involved in.

Free Consultation

The fourth thing is checking how they approach personal injury cases – personally and financially speaking. Check out how they charge for their services – do they have hourly rates or are all fees included in one lump sum? Do they offer flat fees? Are personal injury cases free or do they charge retainer fees? Find out how much a personal injury attorney near me will cost you.

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Dedication To Your Case

It’s important to check out how personable they are when working with personal injury cases. Personal dedication is extremely important when choosing a personal injury lawyer near me.  The amount of work that goes into personal injuries cases is tremendous, so your lawyer has to be willing to stick with your case through thick and thin – both with your case in general but also with you personally through the process.


After conducting all of these personal investigations, take a look at the personal injury lawyer’s honesty – both in terms of their experience as well as financially speaking. A personal injury lawyer near me should be willing to directly answer any question that you feel is relevant to your personal injury case. They should also make sure that you understand the financial implications of their fee structure as well as any other topics regarding your personal injuries and how they’re handled legally.

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