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Personal injuries can leave you with medical bills from your doctor, from follow-up surgeries, and physical therapy sessions.  You may be unable to work for a long time or forever. Your personal injury could even require counseling for trauma if the incident was especially traumatic. When you’re suffering from personal injuries, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer near me. Boutwell Law Office has over 25 years of experience representing injured plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits.

A potential personal injury case happens every 30 seconds in the US.

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What Is Considered A Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury, which is also known as tort personal injury, occurs when one person has suffered harm by the actions or negligence of another person. These personal injury lawsuits can be filed as either intentional torts or as unintentional torts. An intentional personal injury lawsuit occurs when the plaintiff can prove that the defendant meant to harm them, such as personal injuries caused by an assault or a car accident involving drunk driving. 

A personal injury case that is unintentional, known as a negligent personal injury case, may occur because of careless actions and result in serious personal injuries and other damages. A dangerous condition on another’s property, such as a sidewalk with an uneven crack or a crowded restaurant bathroom, can cause personal injuries when not corrected in time to prevent injury. No matter how small or large your case, Boutwell has all the resources to get results for you.

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Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer near me?

You should hire a personal injury attorney because they know the laws, know the processes, and know how to get you the money you deserve. They know how insurance works and they can help guide you through the process of getting prescription medication, follow-up surgeries, physical therapy, and any other medical treatment you need. Your personal injury lawyer near me can help you get the money you deserve for all your injuries so you don’t have to worry about paying the bills yourself.

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Leave it to Marc Boutwell to help guide you through getting prescription medication, follow-up surgeries, and physical therapy,.

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At Law Office of Marc Boutwell, we understand the laws and processes in order to get you the money you deserve.

Your personal injury could be a car accident or maybe someone fell on your property. Whatever the situation is, if you are suffering personal injuries you need a personal injury lawyer near me to help you get compensation for your injuries.

In a personal injury case, money doesn’t just magically appear from the sky. It has to be claimed through litigation which can sometimes take longer than expected and is very complicated if you don’t have a personal injury attorney by your side.

So if personal injury has happened to you don't hesitate, call Boutwell, a personal injury lawyer near me today!