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Product Liability

When product makers make mistakes or produce faulty products, people can suffer serious injuries. Many product liability cases revolve around items that pose an unreasonable danger to consumers because of their design or manufacturing glitches. A Product Liability lawyer can hold the manufacturers responsible for the injuries their products cause to consumers under product liability law.

The Law Office of Marc Boutwell has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to product liability cases. They have litigated claims for compensation in the past, and know how to do it well. Boutwell has over 30 years of experience fighting against serious injuries or deaths that were caused by defective products.

Whether you’re filing a product liability claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle after suffering injuries in an accident, or holding a company responsible for your obesity-related health issues, a product liability lawyer represents victims who were injured by defective products.s of experience fighting against serious injuries or deaths that were caused by defective products.

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What Does A Product Liability Lawyer Do?

If a product liability lawyer discovers evidence that points to negligence on the part of product manufacturers, they will go after the companies responsible for putting dangerous goods on the market and obtaining financial compensation for those affected by hazardous product defects.

Liability Cases

A product liability lawyer represents product injury victims in a variety of product liability cases, including faulty child car seats, breast implants, tobacco products and pharmaceuticals, and more. In most product liability cases, product makers are liable for any damages that result from defective or faulty equipment.

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