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Worker's Compensation

Workers Comp Lawyer

Our workers comp lawyer will accept claims in which employees have been involved in work-place accidents regardless of fault. If you have been involved in an accident at work or in a work vehicle we urge you to contact our office to at the very least explore your legal rights.

We’re committed to getting you back on your feet and working as soon as possible. Our team of experienced professionals will be there for every step in the process, making sure that all employees have access not only to top-notch treatment but also the reimbursement they deserve!

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Is Your Situation Covered Under Workers Compensation?​

 The workers’ compensation program covers nearly every working Mississippian. Exceptions include businesses with less than five employees, independent contractors, volunteers and others who are not considered “employees.” An employee’s coverage begins upon employment and there is no probationary period or minimum salary level for eligibility to hire a workers comp lawyer in Mississippi!

Coverage includes medical services and supplies as well as cash payments for lost wages. If death occurs due to injuries sustained in the workplace than surviving spouse(s), children and other dependents are eligible recipients for compensation which includes reimbursement towards expensive funeral costs as well.

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What Do I Need to File a Worker's Compensation Claim?

The first thing you would need to aquire is some information about the workplace such as company name, location, and policies but it does not stop there. Make sure you have all your personal information available as well as detailed information about the incident itself like when it happened, what type of injury it was, witnesses, and the estimated number of days you’ll miss to name a few. Once this information is collected then you should give us a call at 1.888.881.7755 and we will get you the compensation you deserve.

So if personal injury has happened to you don't hesitate, call Boutwell, a personal injury lawyer near me today!